Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year [CLOSED] -_______-

LOLX ? My holiday gonna be [CLOSED] !!
1 week Chinese New Year really not enough for me XD

Come my blogging , have to be fast T . T
My Homework .................. not ever touch it !!
ALL HOMEWORK have to be hand up to teacher Monday -______-'' 

Thursday ?=O the Fourth day of Chinese New Year ?
have to work le -______- of course with parents lorh ~
HOT argh ~~ plus up all sit FULL orh O . O
just knew that during Chinese New Year will be many customers come to eat XD
No place to bai nian le XD HAHAHAHA !! neither me -_______-
Done my work around 1:30 pm ? When reached home , having a bath for my doggie , Oscar .
"Hey, What's up ? Don't bath me , I hate water !!"

XD Sorry dear , you have to bath > <'' too smelly larh you!!
Can't do the tajam tajam hair xD Short fur =X

His fur is WATER-PROOF de !!!! -______- Hard to let him wet ,

Pity Oscar XD !!! but I'm pity too , my shirt all his shampoo and wet !!-______-''
Then go bath xia , I'm felt not clean at all when i'm really finished my bath ,
after 30 minutes , Mom and sister suddenly said go watch movie =O 
Go Merdeka Mall ,XD but more wish is together with Apple larh XD
Apple with family more good =X Then they can had a good relation > <'' * Think alot !!

My new slipers , just the same with sister XD jus not the same sizes @ X @

Our same type of DOLLS !!XD which one more cute?=X
Mine is Princess , My sister's Mature Girl =) Her's nice too 
The movie We watch =)
XD HAHAHHAA~ not bad de movie =)
But mom also want to watch the Journey one , > <'' sorry , 
just because of me , you guys can't watch the movie =X Sorry and Thankyou !!> <''

Friday =O morning of course work 
Full lorh -________- DAMN TIRED !!> <''
when done , computer-ing =) Chatting with Apple XD hahahahaha
Then go out eat dinner , but Apple is going to Ivy's house =O
suddenly call me to join too @ @'' WAO!! surprise dao lorh~
But have to done my diner 1st -________-

Near Parkson and Hotel there -_____- Don't know the name le 
Sorry XD but want to organise to bloggers =) its really nice !! =D
But the price got little tooo...............Expensive for me larh > <'' so poor de me =X
GamXiak people like me will said like that lo XD
But really nice ! =) TRY IT!!XD for Miri 's people ,
Then try to rush to Ivy's house lor =X Thankyou Apple > <''
have your apple too XD and let me sit your car to go back home -____-'' THANKYOU!!
> <'' We having fun too XDD with Poker and Fireworks XD
We help the road having tattoo XDD!! 
Nice to met you guys =) ! X) 

Saturday =O I had Youth Tuan Bai !! in the morning to evening then evening go Gwen's house
I went her house Twice !!XD BIG =O and nice too XD
I just know i'm look like sakai -______- never know the modern things 
HAHAHAHA , stupid horh XD 
But the most speechless for me is / 口 \ I'm wait at GK for about 1 hour ? 

Too lonely ? -______- Apple was at Permy site =O and stupid me why don't just went back had a bath
then come back GK ler?-______- just sit alone at stairs there emo-ing 
Tired too > <'' Not dare to sleep -______- although been kidnapped > ________ <
So make myself awake!! @ @'' so buy some discs XD 
DVD shop near =X buy two discs but no nice CD to here > <''
Then apple called me about 5 pm ? said Harold was there for 30 minutes ago ?
Then go find Harold loh =O , nothing can say lw -____-
Just a while , Apple is coming then Yvette come fetch us le =) Thankyou
To Gwen's house I don't ever eat a thing @ @'' My appetite gone > <''
just only eat a chocolate cloud 9 alone at the stairs then no le 
My Apple 's plate XD Full lerh~ Thats why he is Strong? XD
Not really , -______- I'm the one strong larh~ He will easy get cold when he 's sensitive XO
Kinda worried too lorh -______-'' My boy ~~> <''
Then we're playing Poker again XD Uno too =)
Lucky me argh~~ sometime XD  
Chat a lot too larh =) Its helping me too , improve my english -_____-
They talked english =) They're had the habit and the standard english ?X)
Sometime also will some bad words larh XD but i'm nt really mind that =) something usual 
It's helping to improve my english is the most important la 
Thankx Apple ? =) Then now try to speak English to my friends and family XD
Have fun too XD and having the time with Apple more > . <''
He must be tired -_______-''

Sunday !! WORSHIP and my Homework -______-
Everything is GAME OVER!!! T_________T can't sleep well -_________-
just because wanted to be more time with Apple =X
But afraid that he 's too tired ba =(
Sorry My Beloved , I'm the one make you tooo tired 
But Thankyou too again to accompany me =^
I had the lovely day today with you =') Sure I LOVE YOU! X'P
And the massage , strawberry and apple today ? > /// < '' really sweet ~
But AlexGor and his family all ask me to say which one is my Boy T_______T 
Sorry , I can't tell , although I will died -____- keep Jio-ing me and tell my mom accident-ly ?
Gonna died lw lorh~~ Sorry !! can't telling the truth / . \
But the most Important is my Apple larh =X
He is the one  important person in my story <3 
* Our pictures !! XD inside apple's phone , didn't take dao XP

My beloved =) You are my love !!

I told you before , I'll never drunk !!XP
To Apple ::

XPHAHAHAHA~~ Wait more 1 year to getting the sexy you wanted XD
I'm waiting you 1 year to take me every place we wanted to go 
Waiting 2 years for me graduate my SPM -______-'' and so do you my beloved , 

My Homework !!-_______- had to be end here / . \
Don't know want to change school or not !!=( The Merbau is ............................................=@
Don't want me to take account just say ma -____- not need use the stupid reason to say to me SUCKS!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

一篇短短的 -_______- SPEECHLESS

Nothing really HAPPEN now , 
just can't concetrate on my Homework XD
-________- And the emotion will begin ............... right now , 
So don't complain that I'm Emo > A <
Or else , call me Elmo XD hahahahahaha , okay , I'm sot already , just ignore me =3

You'll never enjoy your life,
living inside the box
You're so afraid of taking chances,
how you gonna reach the top?
Rules and regulations,
force you to play it safe
Get rid of all the hesitation,
it's time for you to seize the day
Instead of just sitting around
and looking down on tomorrow
You gotta let your feet off the ground,
the time is now…
I'm waiting…waiting…just waiting…
I'm waiting…waiting outside the lines
Waiting outside the lines
Try to have no regrets
even if it's just tonight
How you gonna walk ahead
if you keep living behind?
Stuck in my same position,
you deserve so much more
There's a whole world around us,
just waiting to be explored
the time is now, just let it go
The world will force you to smile
I'm here to help you notice the rainbow
Cause I know,
What's in you is out there
I'm trying to be patient (I'm trying to be patient)
the first step is the hardest (the hardest)
I know you can make it,
go ahead and take it
I'm Wait

The one attract me hard is HIS PIANO !!XD COOL ! =D
If I was rich =) sure will the piano in my house 
Greyson Chance begin his album when he was 12 , And ever cooperation with LadyGaga 
=O Beside his very talent on writing his Songs 
Super like it !! =D But he smaller than me =X
and many of the people took the compare of Greyson and Justin 
Everyone had their own special point , No ones Perfect before ,Except Jesus Christ !!
HAHAHA , so simply post here -______- 
Some of the post have to delay =O just because of the TIME !!
have to go out again later , buy some thing with Mom and sister =X
then getting fatter with them XD 
The truth its me XD!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

新年到 , 发大财

新年了 XD 相信大家都玩得很开心吧 
准准00:00:00am 放炮了 !!!
美里真像大战的感觉 XD 也听到很多放炮到1个钟去 =X 
可惜我没有XD 去睡觉了, 可是阿-_____- 要睡得时候 
POOOM !! -______- HAPPY NEW YEAR !! 被吓醒了
 当天除夕吃的 =X 还不错咯
算丰富吗? @ @'' LOLX!!

吃完 =X 帮爸爸包红包了 , Ang Pao 进满口袋呀 XD
年初一 =口 全家去教堂比较早咯 , 因为妈妈有敬拜赞美
早去 , 刚好看到阿佑 =D 新年快乐 XD 慢慢的会川,佳仪,惠林
我的Apple还要比较慢来呢 , 去打舞狮赶着来 -______-
可是我们没做了什么 / 口 \ 坐太前 , 他又慢来
可是看到他Q的样子 =) 迷上他了 XD *花痴-ing
MICKEY MOUSE !! XD 帅呆了!! 也很可爱 
Updated Blog 的他 =D 我笑翻了 

教堂好回来 =口吃面线 =)
也用爸爸的电话拍照了 XD 可惜跟他拿不到 -____- 没有IPhone的Cabel > 口 <
很难的跟全家拍照 XD 还有我的哀样 > ^ < 
XD 去吃了呀 ~~
吃完 =X 上去玩电脑以下然后就出去拜年了
爸爸 , 姐姐 , 哥哥 都睡觉-____- 我&妈妈就没有咯
我玩电脑 , 妈妈看电视 XD 
最显眼的就是我的鞋 !! XD 又高又美 XP *好恋
可是啊 =口 很多人说我18变 -_____- 我有变很多么? T_____T
我跟姐姐站在一起 / ^ \ 我是老的 , 比姐姐老的说 
因为我高 =^ 所以会说我...........年龄比较大 / 口 \
伤心啊 !!!!

初二了 , =) 
早上,出去拜年 , 打扮到.......-_______- 怪~

中午的时候 XD 会比较好吗? @ 口@''
没有去到很多地方咯 ~ 我知道我在车有时EmoEmo下
然后又自言自语 -_______- 被Ignored , 结果不说了
说到钱 ,真的伤感情的说 
偏心 咯 -_______- 我去做工的 , 工钱就很少
不要去做工的 , 工钱就很多 =@ PEKCEK !!

初三做工了 -_________- !!
NON-EDITED~ - 口 -''

NON-EDITED too - ^ -
很懒惰阿 T 口 T只知道很想哭罢了 =^
都不能跟朋友一起去拜年 > 口 < 谁要约我 ? 
能载我的最好 =X 嘻嘻~不是我挑剔阿 -_____- 是家人不肯的说
很希望Apple会驾车了 > <'' 这样他就可以到我Go here and there le XD

Hey Babe ~ X) I'm miss you =) and so do ILOVEYOU ~XD

Sunday, January 22, 2012

年二十九 =)

=D 今年2012龙年不是念三十哦 ,
是年二十九 X) 有些人就是习惯说年三十了 @ @''
也不信是年二十九 ^ ^'' 

明天就要新年了 ,
说实在 , 真的好期待哦 ~XD
其实我是期待穿新衣 , 穿上新新的东西 XD 也很期待放假的说 
/ 口 \ 在学校呀~~~ 我都要吐血了咯~~ @ @''
还要忍一星期不见不信息我的Apple > ^ < 怎么可以这样呢 !! 伤心呀~~
忍着忍着 不久就变忍者NARUTO !!
MyEm0.Com SOT 了!!XD
学校功课当然是有给的咯 =口 不给的老师都是好老师XD *还好呐 =^

今年的新年不知会不会热了还是冷了 -________-
没有声音的? 还是低调吗 ? =X 我家今年........................................
今年不放炮了 / 口 \ 不好玩了~~ 年货也是现在才刚买好 
也是跟姐姐啦 =X 就知道一定是姐姐回来了才买
今年的年货也不多的说 =口 , 因为怕吃不完 / 口 \ 去年的还剩很多结果全部都丢了

新年吃吃吃吃吃吃吃 =3 
肥了 ? 没关系 ? 年过了再减 XD
给我吃你就是好人 , 不要我吃就是坏人 > ^ < 讨厌你
XD 享受食物的我 , 不要破坏我的心情哟 =D Who Join Me ? 

我不知道要写什么了 , 还有 =)
今天迎接姐姐回来了 XD !! YES!!
就没了 / 口 \ Inside my mind just NOTHING !! -__________-

Wish Every Blogger had a nice days and Happy New Year !! =D
And to my Beloved , Wish You and me  XD
Love you =) so do bloggers ~

Friday, January 20, 2012

很快哦 !!

很快什么 ? 上个星期就急着要这个星期要放假咯!!XD
也等太久了 =) 嘻嘻
太忙了 -______- 不能上来更新 , 
Form 4 了 , 比较高难度 =口 !! 连要更努力是Tan不肯的哦
-____- 什么狗屁理由说Geo&Sej拿到C就不能进Account班 , 了不起meh?
Perdagangan又不是你教 , 做莫要听你的 / ^ \ ISH!!

EH ~ 我不喜欢穿这件衣服 !! -_____- 尤其是在星期三Perhimpunan , / 口 \
热死了 , 上课还要上到下午2点 T ^ T 不累? 你就不会睡觉啦 
在班上 , 老师教的MongChaCha =X 就去钓鱼了(爱睡) XD
星期三来红最不方便的说 -_______- 怕不小心就............................ *不提了XD 
Paiseh的说 -_____-''

星期四 O . O 不是EnglishDay了XD
是SpeakingChineseDay了=D 口爱呐~~明翰取得XD
结果我要承受那种感觉了 / 口 \ 被英文老师罚 
回到家吃好饭 , 就要大扫除了 -_______- 房间实在乱...........


收拾好几个钟 > 口 < 终于啊~~垃圾很多 =口 很多很久的东西啦
不舍得丢 -_____- 留留留 , 没用的东西都要留
丢掉啦 , Zodiam  =X HAIZ !!!
很多Buku Rujukan =口 , 谁要阿? / 口 \ 都没有人用了
UPSR -_____- PMR~~~
然后晚上很晚才吃 , @ 口 @ 不打算吃的结果还是吃了-______-
XD 吃吃吃 ~~~ =3 好吃~~XD
床单也换了哟~~XD 新年气氛的我 , 喜欢红!!XD!!
只可惜没有一样的被单 =X ISH~~太贵了 / 口 \
爸爸妈妈的不符合 =口 因为他们的床太大了 , 拿了King还是一样小 -________-

今天 =) 等待今天的来临真的好久哦~~ XD
今天 / 口 \ 一群的 - 我,志镇, 长杰, 明翰,会荣,咸正,可健 =口
还是一样的疯 !!XD 只是可惜我&可健 不是很会讲话 / 口 \ 他 , 怕什么? 
-_____- 我又不会吃了他 @ @'' 也很可惜没用的Tan不肯我们去Begonia 
如果去了Begonia  =D 很开心的说XD HIGH啊~~~~!!!
今天还有体育 !! =D 老师说跑5圈可是我觉得有人骗老师-______- 我&老师也是觉得是4圈罢了
很奇怪的是.....我不觉得累 =口 !! 可是很多汗流咯 =X
跑完4圈的时候 , 休息啊 , 不能坐就弯腰 看草
看的时候不小心浇草 XD 汉一直流啊流
老师还问谁还要跑 =X 全部Diam, 我举手 / 口 \ 真的不觉得累吧
欣颖就说为什么要 , 减肥啊 ? 我当然说是减肥咯
> 口 < 不觉得我肥了吗 -________- 把眼睛长大大的看我 !!!
我真的肥了 , 是不是 >?  ------------*点头!!*
可是还是没有差的说 -________- 有减等于没有的说 
今天Begonia倒数 T ^ T 我们班还Add Math叻 =X
被弄乱啊~~ 全部GRACE!!! @ 口 @'' AJAR BARH~~
嘻嘻~~Saya TakeTahu~ ^ 口 ^'' Tahu Buat Tak Tahu Ajar =X
然后放学了 !! 老师出去了 =D 心里想终于放假了
期待新年也是吧 =^ 可是今年的气氛很怪 =口 不热闹
我们年货都没有买 -_____- 因为.......................................................
爸爸没去买 , 妈妈也不去买 / 口 \
算了咯, 夜市也不去了 =X 爸爸妈妈都不能去也没有兴趣 , 我也只好不去了咯
放假 -______- 老师当然有给功课咯 / 口 \ 姐姐, 你有给我电脑吗 ? =X
那我每天晚上就可以好好的慢慢的Blogging了XD 不用担心爸爸妈妈说什么了
姐姐后天回来了 =D 大后天就年初一了 !!

年初一的第一目标:: 跟Apple拍照咯~~XD !! 一定要~ 
=D 学校的 / 口 \ 找时间一起出去好吗? 我们的距离远了 =(
可是学校的我们没有车载 / ^ \ 教堂也是 X( 
也想要和Apple一起新年 XD 
想也知道, 因为不会可能的事情, =X 除非他会驾车了 / ^ \ 他不会
因为 ,12月出生的他,会使比较慢 > ^ < ''
我也是很慢 T 口 T 不爽-ING !!!!

你们的新年计划怎么样了 ?XD 我自己也不知道 / ^ \
今年的红包应该不会很大的说 =X 因为有可能很少出去拜年 ,
除非说有跟朋友一起拜年就不一样了咯 =) 哈哈哈哈

我忘记了一件某人也不知道的事情 -________-
就在18/01/2012 ,我&Apple已经一个月了 XD 想送东西给他
可是又没有看到他 , 也没有出去
只是觉得自己太天真了 - _________ - 很爱哭
水龙头的Gear 太快松了 , 应该要收拾好料的
不要再那么容易哭了 , 希望自己能做到 =) 也希望来领都是神的帮助 

不知道说什么了, 眼睛蒙蒙了 @ 口 @''!!! 
爱睡了, 明天还有补习的 , 今天Lucky到没有去补习没关系 XD 可是还要想理由
-_________- LOLX!!! 可以不要补习吗 ? 老师&爸爸妈妈都不信任的感觉-_______-
那还拿来做什么 >?
够了~明天再说吧 =X  累了

Monday, January 16, 2012


在学校应该没有EMO的脸吧 > ^ <'' 哈哈哈哈
新年啊~ =D 等待-ing =3 嘻嘻~有想要和Apple一起去拜年 =D
可是幻想 =) 不能想 , / 口 \ 白日梦一大堆
妈妈就说以后就慢点去学校吧 ~ 早去回来的时间和慢去回来的时间差不多一样
所以会比较慢去学校了 =D 哈哈哈哈~

但是学校有个件还没解决 =X 我也不知道该怎么回答/表达
可是我真的很想坦白的说 =( 是时间不应须我吗? 
算到今天的 719 天不是假的 , 曾经真心过 , 也曾经伤心过
但他&我都不珍惜了 ? 是我叛逆吧 ?
每天放学都来找我 , 不跟他说话的我 , 觉得很对不起
我的这张口说不出吗 ? 就那几个字 , 很难吗 ?
有时觉得你是否是真的贴心吗 ? 还是什么 ?
哪有自己的一个男朋友是每次打自己的女朋友 , 女生拿重的东西 , 男生就把它加重
一开学不是说好话 , 就说自己女朋友肥了 XD 我承认~
把电脑排第一的说 , 怪我把朋友排第一 
明知道我爱拍照 , 也谢谢你的不配合和我拍一张合照
你到底当我是什么 ? 是你的女朋友还是什么 ?
或许给很多人说 , 我&你 , 在一起很奇怪 ^ ^'' 可是我们还是到了719天了
可是现在我们的关系就一条平线 , 没了 , 我该死了
两人世界 , 只剩下忘不了的回忆 , 就在记忆了回念对方吧 ?
我们该结束了吧 ?

*回来 -_________-

终于啊!!!XD 看国文的 -_________- 看不懂
还有今天 / 口 \ 在班上爱睡 =X
很想带的ContactLens睡觉 > 口 < 可是不能~~~T____________T
都是因为昨晚哭得太厉害了 -________- 所以今天早上眼睛肿肿
我Ah Bui 眼睛眯眯~ 不可爱 ~哈哈哈X)

有带ContactLens了果然就不一样是不是 ?  精神多了不是 ?
HAIZ~ 上课到最后一课就很有精神了 XD 因为是C.Teo + 她很好玩 =)
很会搞笑 =D 今天她叫我们做功课 "Cita-Cita Saya"
O . O 给我还是不容易 =X 因为我自己的Cita Cita都不知道 -___-
怎么完成我的功课呢 , 结果就乱写了X) 老师说就写到簿子半面就好了 XD
我就说一个字一航 XD 很傻, 哈哈
放学的时候会看到很多人 , (不熟的 , 知道而不说话的朋友) 
看到泽耀泽杨 , 他们有时就会问我 , 自己一个人而已 ?
我就说 , 恩, 不然你还有看到谁在我旁边吗 ? 哈哈哈

下午要去补习-________- 钓鱼~~XD
后来就不要再钓鱼了 =3 邦起头发, 洗脸, 做功课 X) 
4点了, 小班的来了, 上课了咯~
我不想回先因为有学校的问题不会做 / 口 \ 所以就曾这时间问咯
可惜老师不能 -__________- 教课 , 也在骂人
可是阿 , 老师拿回来了一个
Eee Ped Transformer Prime 
RM2199 -_______- ? 很熟的号码 , 我店的号码咯-______- 

回到家不久 , 出去吃下 , 然后来这里了 
" Blog 老师 " 说我的英文写的很奇怪 , 我承认 -_______- 回家自卑-ing*
华文又不是很好 , 其实华文的我是用我讲话方式写的
Sorry 咯~ 我知道我的不是很好的说 , 
老是不对好的方面想 -______- 连Fam自己都说得
只能默默的承认 , 把自己变得更好吧 
也有说我是最多表情 , 表情最丰富的阿晶 

FaceBook 满多人分享的 =)
XD HAHAHAHA~ 我要减肥 , 我就是那个Ah Bui =)
不错~ 说去我的心声 X) 我很Bui么 ?
好咯~~~ 可是后面的, 我不什么赞同的说
因为慢慢的 , 朋友少了 , 不理了 , 陌生了


昨晚睡不好 -________- 都是因为APPLE !!!
我真的很想你了 =(

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Okay , I'm stupid -____-

HAHAHAA -_____- Believe on what I'm write on my title

Just KICK me off !!! =)
Trust me =) I'm really STUPID !!

Tell you a true stories , just happened this morning =)
This morning , Mom told a girl that not need to go for morning Worship 
Then she terus Awake and dont even felt sleepy , 
then told mom that wanted to go this morning dont care how
Then Cried almost half of hour -_______- She cute right ?
And argue with mom , and said what about sister and brother different than her ,She's tooo naught 
just because of wanted going to church in the morning ,
Then reach Church , she felt alone , even had her boy beside her 
Not much , just 1 hour and 30 minutes =) Then her boy gonna out with his family ,
So she was trying to be happy =) Then going with her friends eat breakfast at the nearest shop
Almost is the time going back =O Then , waiting her car , and Aternoon going church again
She going back to have some rest , and had a bath 
Then at 1 30 pm , she going to church with her mom 
Then She keep watching for the time XO for get a time together with her boy ,
Her boy is a Bass music teacher , excited to accompany he, =O
Once a week ? Even dont have talk through phone , Of course will miss each other
But the bad news =) Her boy is not coming this afternoon 
Tell his friend -________- and ? without told to me 
Okay , Fine . Let it go , Just felt something wet on the floor =)
Where's the Umbrella ?
Had her dinner at her shop and go back after go buy somthing at GK 
None of my things but She's been maid -____-
Cause she had to take all her family's thing................Then been ignored too
DAMN ...................................................................
When home saw that Her boy is left a message at Facebook , Nothing can say 
Then the Lies =) here and there ,
She cried in front the computer while chatting with her Boy , 
She cried 1 hour !!!!!! GOSH -_______- isit long ? @ @'' unSTOP one 
Its is a true story for today =) and the girl is me. 
HAHAHAHA!!! =) Its hard to pretend sometimes , But have to 

I'm count-down-ing !! just left 3 more days ~ Its our 1 month =') 
But this is what our condition =') Some words wont said , Its been locked in my heart 
A week wont talk again , and I had to be happy without you ? HAHA~ funny , 
Trust it , our talk just not more than I imagine =O
The lies , would It gone after it been memorized ? 
No , It wouldn't gone =)
Yes , The HURT .