Sunday, February 28, 2010

damn de!!wat the #$*&!!!!!

damn!!!ma de..!!
i say out all de bad word then u knw..!!
wat the..!!u dn ever let me c dao u!!
if nt u will die..!!
wat happen 2 u!!cari pasal kah hah!!
i getting problem wif u meh!!??
wer..when..!!tell me..
u juz let me feel damn feeling ba le..
nw me wif my lovely park wei 2gether..
then u wn wat??!!
hua xin de boy..!!i hate boy like tat..!!
u handsome meh..!!??
pui!!!no one girl like u a..
damn de u!!go hell la..!!700..!!
u knw u let my parent knw everything..!!
u wn me die
b4 i die..u must die 1st..!!
i use new hah..
im nt ur wat..!!u only is my WALL!!
so..dn u ever care me again..u also dn ever like my jie mui!! er jie..i knw u like her..
she also nt like ur type..
so old..!!hair like wat!!pui!!!!!!!!
u dn ever touch my jie mui..n sms me..!!i dn knw u!!
im nt gadis murahan 4 u!!
i hv 2 respect myself 2..
so..dn u near me n my jie mui..!!either my bf n his frenz..
u n richard juz lik a lier..SUPER LIER!!!!!
nt use stupid donno english..!!
stupid de LIER!!!!!!!!!!!
damn u!!go hell nia la u!!!

***the one i mean is a boy in my he li!!***

Friday, February 26, 2010

gt story..but lazy 2 say..

haiz..~~gt many story..wn write in blog de..but sign in xia..
jiu no write le..cus lazy..hehe:P
donno y lazy again..
nw only miss or thinking about him nia...><
n im sry 2 my da jie..n san jie..
so sry..if i do bbad 2 u..but pls dn say im bei pan u all..
tat hurting..><
reli reli sry..dn angry liao o..i do tat juz bcus i dn wn hurt anyone..
im weak..n i dn wn hurt ppl..if u juz do like tat..anyone will gt hurt..
if u r me..of cus u will feel like tat..(gud de hua)
if bad de hua le..i dn think hurt..cus u r de one hurt ppl..
u understan??
if donno jiu nvm la..
i knw..nia jiu ok liao..:(
if u gt anything u wn my help..n i help u..
but when i need ur help..u juz dn wn or wat..reason 2 let me do alone..
tats nt fair..but..
ok fine!!everyone do tat 2 me..hw le..
i juz accept it la..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

reli stupid d baby jing..n no sleep de nite..

no mood d la..very sad..
bcus of him..??or self..??
or worry about wat self donno..
juz mayb he unhappy n me neither..
i hv 2 excited..cus the next 3 more hours me cn see dao him le..
but i think he cnnt smile or happy..
i juz hope he cn b more happier..
me n him juz only in relationship 4 28 days..
juz haven 100 days..he cnnt broke wif me..
never ever..i juz wn to knw the reli true lov..
tis few year i like de ppl is lie de..fake lov..cus me nt lov tat boys..!! reli is in lov wif CHUA PARK WEI!!
juz donno y..tat i cn feel somethings different..
so..nt same like others..
i dn care he bad in result or not..
i dn care anything..ok..fine..
if he reli wn break wif me..
he hv 2 happy..n find his reli wn de ppl..
let me feel de true lov..
but i reli hope we cn live more than we wn..
i cn do everything 4 him...
dn care hard or nt..
juz wn b happy..
im juz waiting 4 time passing..
n feel self like a big fool..!!
n me also always say "donno..hah..parents say cnnt.."
n others..but tat is truth..
my parents nt allow me..i juz dn wn 2 b a child..tat been..
parents bang diao..
i juz wanna b FREE!!!!!!!!!!!
hope cn..
wish 2..

Monday, February 22, 2010


haiya..ben lai go tuition d..hahaXDD
nt need 2 go..cus daddy gt problem..mayb cnnt fetch me.. me dn go tuition..but i wn go school la..
hehexP..see ppl n wif frenz ma..><
but dady nt allow me go school..haiz..~~
so me sms po wei lo..sry tat i cnnt go..><
then me suddenly fell a sleep..zzz~~
mana tau dreamin about him n my jie mui..^^
hahaXDD..then..see message ma..
then so tired so sleep again..zzz
mana tau again..dreamin about de same ppl..
but different story..hahXDD
10.00a.m like tat he call me..hahaXDD..
play ma..then..bla bla bla..==
hao le le..jiu ready 4 school..
waitin 4 alex ge..==
haiz..~~but fun xia xia la..
he ask me about "who i like??"
>< embreass..
at school le..see dao..
my jie mui all come malu..
they donno say wat about me..==
then i ask..ah bun..say me like watermelon*chinese*c gua..
==llldamn...juz nasib nt a helmet..hahXDD
tat fine..i dn say self like mushroom..==
hehexP..go school cn see dao happy..^^
but nt same rehat..arg!!
last year nt good 2 him..nvm la..
he ignore my....tat time..><
when..GEO subject..ling keep say teacher tat gv her angpau..
teacher so clever hahaXDD..
so funny..
ling gv teacher empty angpau 2 isi..
then teacher..put it in his pocket..
he call ling close her eyes..then open again..
say GONG XI FA CAI to teacher..say fam..
then ling say lo..she plus ANG PAU NA LAI..
hahaXDD..n teacher gv ling d same angpau tat empty one..,ming,kiat n tzen..laugh..
hahaXDD..pity ling..hahaXDD
tat c.bawang a little angry her..
i wn go toilet also cnnt..
me emergency la..!!arg!!
ok..fine..nvm liao..!!==
me,ming n ling discus seni d ques..hahaXDD..
fun xia xia la..fight fight..^^
mt like normal d la..
miss tang..==
go back le..very late 2 day..mother hii n father hii lo..==
then..when po wei call me..he like cry-ing..
i ask him..but hhe say no..donno y..==
so im cry also lo..
yuan lai..he afraid of his result..
his mom say if his result bad tis time..he will change school..
o.O..he juz afraid of i say im bcome his xia xia teacher..
teach him wat he donno..^^
hehexP..but like he don like ba..
but i dn care..i will help him 2..never let him change school..
like my last x-bf..==
i hate him nw..==##
left me bhind..
but nw nvm ok liao..!!
n i dn wn lose my reli lov d bf anymor..!!
never..i will help him all my heart!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

^^..he juz bside me..^^

^^i like 2day la..
much..more ppl..yesterdayde gt his mom..><
haiz...~~gt ok peristiwa..!!^^
so miss him d..><
de 1day..(yesterday)nite..^^call me..
hahaXDsay so much..
he so many money o..$$
he also help me in a little money..^^i lov u..thx
haiz.~~wait 4 time so tired..>but at last..his hp no battery..==
so no talk liao..><..
then sleep lo..haiz..~~><
morning..wake xia xia..then..wake xia xia..
too excited gua..^^
when they go back quickly told po wei come again..
hahaXD..^^miss him so much..
me,po wei,wei jie,ee ling,hui jun,hui wen,po sheng n he ma..hahaXD
all so fun..^^
they gt eat..==in my smelly in my room..haha
gt smeely of mee..== n po wei..jiu...^^
ling le..wif jie n sheng cc..=3=
man man afternoon..jiu jun,wen n ma..come..==
tat time is de noisis 1..hahaXDD
nvm la..angry by mum n dad..>3<
after tat jiu quiet le..><
me npo wei..^^*u knw d la*xP..
so deep..^^hehe
ben lai 5 o clock back d..manatau 5.30 hui..
hahaXDD..more longer more gud..but cnnt stay in house..nt fun
arg!!nite me sms him..but he no reply..
mayb he reli tired le..or bz..
nvm la..
i lov n believe on him..^^
i lov himm never end~~!!muackss..dear dear!!^^

Thursday, February 18, 2010

so stupid de me..
say family like tat..==
tat time really very angry ma..
nw im dn hv my sis bside me..cus she so study..><
n nw..left me..2molo..tony hii go khidmat negara again..==
n juz left me again..==
2day..aafternoon..teacher call daddy d hp..==
i tot tat who..mana tau is teacher..==
y she dn wn call mine..==
she say wn go xiao ming house ma..??
me of cua wn go la..==
she yesterday 4gt pick me 2 teck fong jia..==><..
miss diao..arg!!!miss 1 angpau..hahaxD..
go xiao ming hpuse gt eat mian xian..but me din eat..
cus i dn wn ma..they all say me.."不要减肥啦"!!!
T^T..i knw im fat la..dn say like tat mo..
im juz dn wn eat..bei ni men say like tat..
her brother always fun wif me..hahaxD..
donno y..==but ok la.. n xiao ming wn go ling jia..hahaxD..
go around de country..==wif ming bro..== funny..he at ling house drink water cn loudiao..
hahaxD..kelian o..his shirt dirty diao..><
haiz..~~then..go back lo..say say xia xia..
then..teacher wn go her frenz house near ze3 house..==
then..teckfong say bo wei de house near ter..then me jiu go lo..
manatau he din at home..==
use my hp 2 call here n ter..==
he out la..when he at home..he quicky go teckfong house..==
sheng jie n wei..alvin also go..==
alvin say to teacher tat me gt bf..==
bf wif a wei..hahaxD..
me no face qu..T^T..bocor liao..
when wn go teckfong jia.
bo wei sister follow..==
nasib tak..==
^^..go teckfong jia..wif bo wei..hehe..
but i wn go bo wei jia la..see his room..^^
but cnnt..==
nvm least me see dao him..
but he also go play cc wif sheng n jie..==
damn they 2..arg!!
then..teacher go my scare..><..
in de same time ming wan com..but x jadi liao..><
haiz..~~let me hai yao tidy up my room..==
but ok la..
dn wn gt parent zai..they very loso..
so only my lovely frenz cn in my room..^^
so i wn ming,ling,jun,wen,bo wei ming,jie,sheng..n others la..sixian also cn..
i lov them..^^
hope they cn come in de same time..^^
but tomolo so many ppl gt appoinment..arg!!
damn..!!nvm la..saturday also cn..
i hope so..><..haiz..~~

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

damn!!bad CNY!!

damn!!!wat a bad new year!!
i hate tis new year!!!very much!!
juz bcus my problem in my CNY!!!
i hate my family keep saying me..!!i dn like them..
n other is..
po wei..we go KL..mayb no come back..
then suddenly his stupid damn...chua yiyi..
knw..700..damn u!!!
nw me bad mood..i hate my life..!!
so many problem..arg!!
go die rather..!!
i lov him..i dn wn no him in my life..
juz donno y tis year..i dn like study..
i dn like my own family..!!
i hate tat feel..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

dn left me..T^Tpls dear..!!!
dn left me here..!!!i wn u..i need u!!!
pla..i beg u!!!u hurt my feeling!!!
juz bcus of ur parents..i hate tat..!!!
i hate sad d feeling...
i lov u!!
i juz wn me 2 b urs!!!but hw...
i hope tat u come back early..n no go ter anymore..
xcept u realy dn wn me..n i dn wn u!!!
nw i wn u..i lov u..n i never stop loving u!!!
u r d 1 in my heart!!!cnnt change..
i lov u hold my hand..
i lov u kiss me..
i lov u hug me..
i lov u giv me wat u eat..
i lov u let me feel a true-ly lov..
i lov u no change..
n many more..juz i lov u so much!!!
u let me feel happiness in lov..
but juz 18 days we 2gether..
juz only 18!!!!
pls..let us b more lov..
i juz wanna b wif u!!
u never let me unhappy xcept u bbroke wif me..
T^T..pls..let me bcome one of ur parts..
watever me n urs parents say wat..!!
i dn care..
at least me lov u..n u lov me!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

go xcape a..hahaxD..from sport day..hahaxD..

^^..go stadium..hahaxD..mornin very early..
me♥po wei,wei ming,ling,sheng,wei jie,chang kiat,chee zhen,sin yung,his sis n ding.. fun..^^me n po wei..!!^^..
ling hp nia..><..
wei ming le..he putus cinta..hahaxD..cus ee ling ignore him ba..
hahaxD..sin yung..sheng..sin yung's sis..wei ming..wei wei ..ling..n ding..
go eat breakfast..gekdao..
go so fast a..==n gt a little hot..>sekejap buka jacket n wear it again..repeat it again..hahaxD
so fun a..hui jun le..she late some..>she use monyet d
donno n po wei..always 2gether..
then me,po wei,ling,wei ming,wei jie n sheng..go play game..==
hahaxD..go here n ter..then at last go MCC..^^
pk wif sheng n wei ming..hahaXD..
jun,wen n ling..hahaxD..kind of noob d..><..*shhh*
hehexP..po wei le..^^he so tis game then play tat game..
so many game 2 play..^^kawaii him..^^
so lovely 2gether wif him..romantic..^^
then wan afternoon le..ling,jun n wen go eat lunch see dao abi n senan..
0.0!!!OMG!!!donno hw le..nasib me guai guai d wif po wei..^^hehe
they 3 2gether wif sixian..hahaxD
then they 3..blame sixian cus he bawa buruk 2 them..hahaxD..
me n po wei le..^^shou la shou..^^kiss no la..><
n he always keluar money$..==
so kelian me see him..>ming le..she wait us at parkson fast a..
she also$gone gone..hahaxD
juz cus of toilet d ppl funny.. n ming go starbuck gt buy coffee..^^
n many happen..then no ppl wif us..then we take many pic..^^
so kawaii..^^me n ming..!!hahaxD..
tat lao baan wif tat lao ban..
po wei n others go play liao lo..><
left me n ming..>me think hai hao d days..sry o..
sry po d middle angry u..>sry o..dn angry..>then go library..==gekdao..nasib me gt sixian pei me..
if nt lonely o..><
po wei n wei jie come again..wei ming n sheng go back le..==
ling,jun n wen le..lie me tat they lost..==but no..lie me bad..
tat monyet lo..balanja them..==ming so angry of all of us..>we all blame her xcept bside her..
but she be song cus me dating wif po wei...><..
dn angry mo..><
them,po wei n wei jie nia..go stadium..nth happen le..==
cheh..!!~~say wat lo..==cari pasal punya..
then when i go so miss po wei..><
so much..cnnt stop arg!!!his everythings..><*shy shy*
me call him lo..but he no accept..haiz..~~cus his hp money$
nvm la..i knw juz miss u so much..>i wn call u about go stadium ma..pato again..hehexP..^^
2day la..very late xia xia la..tired ba..><
po wei at stadium been cool le..>we 2gether wif xue di xue noisy a..hahaXD..bising here n ter..hahaxD
tat chicken le..hao xiang wn kao my er jie..0.0!!!
no wer..po wei also say like tat..cus ling is wei ming d..hahaxD..
sot sot d..they gt play card a..wat money again le..$==..
gekdao..ah bung le..dang dian den light a..hahaxD..
no la..morning cold..>then we all use my jacket..tat chicken wn me a..
po wei jealous..><..hehexP..n ling wn go buy things..suddenly all diam diao.. cool man..all gone..xcept ah bung..hahaxD..
then..we gt kiss kiss 初吻 po wei ter..><
*shy shy*we always wn kiss kiss d..>po wei also very kelian la..always bully by ppl d..>< cute la him..
same wif chicken..hahaxD..
me n po wei d popular..all wn borrow..gekdao..
borrow untill no battery diao..hahxD..
so cool a..hafiz d sister..>stupiak!!!!me wif po wei nw..><
stupiak!!!==..2day many ppl knw me wif po wei liao..><
but i like it..muacksss...mme gt a little hou hui go home early..>so miss him..>

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

^^ fun..go out wif!!^3^

i lov u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


><..hao 期待ing o..
9/02/2010..>< sport d..^^..then me go xcape..
hahaxD..go parkson..shh..^.*
ble..~~!!^^..hehexP..many ppl go o..if right d la..
me,da jie(xiao ming),er jie(ee ling),san jie(hui jun)..><
ze 3,sin yung,bo sheng,po wei ming jie,chang kiat,chee zhen,n donno liao..
==..desh..gekdao..4gt liao..><..
me wn go bath many ppl in my room..T^T..
arg!!!i wn bath bath..>.haiyo..all dn wn sleep meh..2molo..need sport la..T^T
wei!!!..arg!!!!sienz o..~~!!..
wu liao sei lo..==
mood very bad nw..
me gt sms po wei one message..then..he dn reply me..
sry o..i din ans ur call..
2molo sport la..alll go sleep la..
me wn bath bath..n things..faster mo..T^T
sienz oY~~~!!!
morning many problem about 2molo gp parkson..
da jie lo..always say no need go liao..==
cus her mom..then me n po wei..==
er jie transport..==n also..wat..==donno way 2 parkson..
san jie le..afraid of teacher..dn wn go parkson..say parkson gt teacher see..==
arg!!!..sienz !!~~
damn o..i hate ppl say me without reason..or blame me..
i dn like it..
nt very like home..==##
more like school frenz no..==##
very hate them..==
arg!!no on e is good d..T^T..
i hate both all of u..all of u!!except my school frenz..
bad mood arg!!dn say me liao la....T^T
y all ppl say thing will hurt my feeling d...
y u so hate d..
ok..fine..all ppl 4gt me nvm d..
fan zhen..bu guan will nt remember by ppl d la..
==..always 4gt by ppl one will remember d..
remember only knw me bad nia..
no remember good d me..
ok la..
T^T..juz left me bhind la..
i don mind..juz go ur self..==!!!!!
I HATE U!!!!!!!I HATE MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sienz arg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

so long no blogging le..>< line..

><..arg!!!no line la..all local d..laibe..==
haiz..~~so many wn say..
friday d..saturday d..><
haiz..!!4gt liao lo..>friday d le..erm..==
at school..arg!!go die la..c.senan..arg!!
belum habis makan or rehat jiu pukul org!!!!
haven ring hoh!!!go die la..!!boys d teacher hit..
tat senan..pukul girls nia..
u also girl hoh..!!damn..!!go eat shit la..

saturday le..ok la..go kauseling!!^^
so fun..c zaidi..^^fun o..n also take gaji..^^wa!!
RM14..^^gt money liao..hahaxD..
tat money i will use by tuesday..9/02/2010..!!
^^..go parkson wif frenz..^^hehe wif my jie mui lo..
n my lovely po wei!!^^muackss..*shyshy*>x<
shh~~!!dn tell ppl o..keep secret..!!ble..!!^^
go school take hp..shh..^^'''
tat po wei always wn take hp then see my pic..><
shy shy many my pic..300+ a..><
hehe^^''me very zi lian d..hehe..^^'''
so fun..wif him..cnnt 4gt him..always in my heart..
many ppl knw me n him..><
tolak here n ter..><
but me like tat..hehe^^xP..

2day boring at church..lazy do things nw..
haiz..~~frenz in church gt problem arg!!><
i wn my money lo..all din wn giv me..
heidi le..==..always i say to franke..then he giv me lo..^^
so good d him..donno y b good le..^^
many ppl no giv my money back a..==
2nd..heidi..RM10(but her brother giv me le..^^)
4th..jing qi..RM7
haiz..~~T^T..then..afternoon..sleep like pig..hehe^^'''
mom call me 8 din tak..hehe^^'''
sry o..!!^^'''
then wake up lo..see dao ah GO..grandma..jie lo..==
see me sleep like pig..=oo=zzz
hehe^^'''then on9 lo..1st local then me do do..jiu ok le..hehe..^^'''
on9 lo..blogging lo..see fb lo..haiz..~~
so many ppl chat wif me using fb chatting..
very lag arg~~!!mafan ..==!!
haiz..~~then see dao my lovely po wei d fb..>still wn me go add him..
nasib me gt see..if nt..>
jiu like tat lo..3 in 1..hahaxD..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

sry o..><..

sry o..wei ming!!me bu shi gu yi d..
me cnnt control myself to say tat..><
u say my jie mui gua fu..>i kn wmy da jie is single..but dn say her like tat mo..><
so me jiu ren bu ju jiu say 2 her lo..><
sry o..><..bu shi gu yi de..><
4giv me ma??
n u also 1 la..tell u call po wei go school faster..
u let me very worry n wn angry him liao lo..><
haiyo..!!yuan lai u din wake up he or tell him..==
cheh!!i tell u le la..u dn wn tell i angry lo..==##
me very be song o..==##
haiz..~~sry la..==..><
45 degree..hahaXD..sry lo..><
dn angry liao la..if u say wat jing liang no say out d..
if u good 2 me..==
haiz..~~!!sienz a..
ue eeling jie..haiz..~~also very tired le..
she nt sure she like u or nt..
me really cnnt help u..cus me nt her..><
she sometime hard 2 xplain..><
><..sometime good ..sometime bad..hahaxD..
but me really wn ee ling wif u ..wei ming== la...><
me donno y i feel u 2 cn or possible..><
or hard 2 understan my language..><
say sebarangan nia..==

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

all about teacher..!!==

haiz..~~==##teacher also 1..very ma fan..sometimes very siens of them arg!!..cheh!!!!!!
wu liao die liao..==..yesterday ming2 go duty..koperasi..0.0!!!c.helen at koperasi..!!!walao..!!so scary!!..she speak chinese la..wif c.bong!!!O.O!!!OMG!!!
hw cn she speak chinese..or listen..!! n my jie mui always say teacher using chinese.!!so teacher knw wat we r talking about lo..!!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hw cn!!die le lo..!!OMG!!!!><
2day le..==##tat teacher o..salah faham n form 2 girlz so guai..din cheer o..c.hafiz d hearing gt problem la..><..haiz..~~gekdao..perhimpunan le..><..cheh..but at last sit 2 la..hahXD..xP..lucky ba..^^..form 1 de girlz cheer hoh..!!><..haiyo teacher..!!teacher sometime good lesson no cut my hair n talkin about other!!so cool..!!^^i like cute n yu zi..childish..==..hahXD..always like tat dewan nt class nt fun hos lesson..^^lov it!!^^..
cheh..~~other teacher donno..wu liao die le lo..==!!n saun gt fb o..0.0!!his children n his wife..all ppl in a pic..but only tat pic nia..>< i dn add he..hahaXD..
............................................nth le..donno liao..............................................................

sad arg!!

i hate ppl ask me or say me..
"u break wif him liao hah??"
==i hate tat ppl..i don wn say who is it..==##
so sad la u knw..
><...he also..donno y angry.T^T
let me cry like wat diao..==
so kelian d me..
me alone nia...
da jie le..also same wif er jie..
san jie 2..><
my all jie mui all sou huang yin..><
jealous la me..><
da jie le..tat i knw de is p.A..form 1..form 2 nt sure..>er jie le..juz bcus of her voice also sou huang yin..><
she always say she nt cute..she cute la..untill many ppl like she..
wei ming de 1st one..hahaXD..donno er jie accept he ma..??
she say no bo..tat wei ming le..mei you biao xian de..tats y er jie don like him lo..==
san jie..le..erm..nw couple wif giraffe(monyet)..==
they nt pairs la..but ok la..she like jiu ok liao..
n tat monyet good 2 her jiu ok liao..dn let she cry or sad o..!!==
i will tak k of my jie mui..jie mui d things..jiu shi my things..!!
so dn hurt my jie mui..!!
^^i lov my jie mui..
only me nt sou huang yin..><
jealous arg!!!hw le..>me cnnt control jealous de me..><
me hua xin d..>haiz..~~only a few nia..nt like my others 3 jie mui..!!
><..kelian de me!!!miss he so much but he dn like me d..n bu li me..T^T
T^T..tis time very sad..he also treat me^T
he treat other also like me d..jealous again la me..==##><
haiyo!!ltr me dn wn li ta ..he cai knw..><
T^T...very sad arg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
someone treat me happy cn ma??!!..
me very hurt!!T^T

==!!!cari pasal!!go hell la..!!

==tat henry a..==##
他很欠打..i hate ppl like him..==
hua xin..also wif horlick!!!
go die la u 2..==
kan dao jiu hen be song!!==
tat henry le..sekejap jiu change le..
say wat la..heart very pain..==
all lie so good 2 u then u 4gt me liao..
AH MU!!mandy..==
cheh!!muntah liao lo..peng liao..==
hate ppl like tat..==
horlick le..also 1..
say wat like me..then hua xin..
go like my jie mui..zian dao 1 jiu ai 1..==
==go hell la..==
hua xin de boyz..==
no one is use de boyz..
all laoya..!!==
tats de one boys is good d..==

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

==wn cry at last!!!

div style="text-align: right;">haiz~~!!==zzz...
wu liao arg!!nth 2 do..
sry cus lie..2 u!!><
juz donno hw u knw me wif he!!!??
==..watever..knw jiu knw lo..==
only u nt allow nia..==zzz
mornin only eat some kuih then go school..><
tis few days or weeks..only eat a little jiu full le..>mornin go school 2 see he ma..><^^ cnnt pei pan my jie mui jiu follow them lo..haiz..~~
so lazy arg!!
nth 2 do..
he le..>><..wan open his hp n play..but nth fun..><
his hp also gt password d..><
his password!!:47449953..(mayb la..4gt le><)
haiz..~~so miss he..>3<
how le..afternoon jiu bla bla bla..==
nth happen ma..==
so boring..>me no word 2 say le..>no one wn me ba..
me is don like study d ppl..lazy d ppl..n others..
no one will lov d la..T^T
if someone wif me also..nth..lama-kelamaan..he will nt lov me liao..
like him donno he is true d or lie d..
me 2 him isi really is true de la..><
4 him i donno..mayb he wif me very sienz le..
he juz do me like a example..T^Tso hurt!!
wei jie le..always call me 'bao bei'..>me say ya..then he say nvm..wo bu zai hu..
tat word let me very hurt..!!
no mood liao..mama le..also 1..T^T
let me be song..==##
haiz..~~!!zzz..very hurt 2 day..donno hw le...
so bad luck 2 day..><
im nt sure i like 2day or nt..
he reply me..>must play com untill 4gt me liao..or play sms wif other ppl..T^T
so bad d him..T^T
ok lo..T^T..juz left me lo..
me nvm d..i knw my self liao..>juz left me one will knw me de feeling..
no use i still continue like tis..
very hurt..>my study very bad liao..y school need exam..
ma fan..!!~~..hate exam..!!
==..n me hate by other ppl..T^T

Monday, February 1, 2010

saturday..sunday n 2day..

haiz..~~saturday...==nth anytime..
mornin sleep until wn afternoon..hehe^^'''
then go shao tuan..lo..hahaXD..
shao tuan d game show so fun..^^^^
me as child..wif eileen..^^
then bla bla bla..==nth say bout..lazy..
after finish shao tuan jiu waiting 4 eileen cus she gt guitar lesson..
me n jing qi r waiting bout her..2 go camp 2gether..^^
so fun..b4 tat camp..we go pei ming beehind tat shop..hahaXD..
see dao ze wu..^^hahaXD..go play him..
he so fun..then we bcome frenz le..^^
he so cute n guai..^^..
we take alot of pic 2..all frenz or self d..
no bla bla things d pic..==
hehe..very fun,leen.qi n wu..
hahaXD..when we 4 wn take pic..tat qi..always wn eat ppl taufu.. kawaii..^^me n ze wu gt tak many pic a..^^
good..^^only me n him..hahaXD..i wn tat pic..
but afraid my bf will jealous..><
hehe..but nt use my hp..cus my hp no battery le..>< charge my hp so long but akhir no battery,.><
haiz..~~!!then play play lo..the camp d la..
me la zhe ze wu de shirt let me gt an quan gan..><
he so cool..^^cus he tall them me..
hard 2 find boyz like him..^^
if me no my po wei de will choose ze wu..^^
hehe,,but nw me wif my po wei..^^muackss^3^
at nite le..>go wer must gt ze n leen go boyz shu she.. fun..ze wu cnnt/no sleep cus of mosquito..hahXD
me no been mosquito bit..^^lucky..^^
then me.leen n qi wake n no wif winnie n ming zhen..==
1st talkin bout peiming d bad bad things..><
so afraid me no talk or listen..><
so scare..><
then me talk 2 ming zhen bout him..hahaXD..
then we suddenly change topic..but good de la..
tat time me mula sleepy le..><
head very heavy><..
haiz..~~scare gua..><
then we talk many hours..from..10.30p.m until 5.00a.m de next day..hahXD
so long..then we go sleep 4 30 mins lo..hahaXD..
so cool..^^..
sunday le..nth happen lo..very sleepy..
gt drama tat..qi,leen n wu in 1 group only me nt de same..
but at last we same le la..^^
me n wu always together..><
hahaXD..stand nia la..
he always near me o..O.O!!!
but he gt an lian a girl la..donno donno..
hahaXD..then bla bla la..nth happen..or interest..
go home le..go tired..go home terus sleep..
phuh..!!so tired hp so many alarm..==
hehe..set alarm 4 doing homwork many ma..><
but no do terus go sleep again..><
hehe..bad/lazy girlz..hehe..^^'''
2day biasa lo..
morning gt tuition..==sleepy again..zzz at school..^^at last cn see my po wei le..^^
we no talk a lot..><..T^T
miss him la..><..T^T
wn see him..>go home le..also me walk alone..T^T..
he donno go wer le..T^T
then in car liao le..jiu me bei mama say..or angry la..
bout me pato..><..donno hw mama knw me r pato..><
haiz..~~!!check my hp??><
or ppl say de..who le..>kelian de me..sry bad bad go pato..but me like ba..
><..very sry,,bu shi gu yi de..><
haiz..~~sry ma..
sry 2 all..><
haiz..~~!!T^T..hw le..><
b4 go,ling n ming gt plan le..go parkson d things..^^
sometimes me very jealous bout ming,ling n jun..
donno y..only me knw..haiz..~~><
ming le..(da jie)..she donno hw..single..
ling le..(er jie)..donno 2..mayb will couple wif wei ming..but she say she no feeling wif him le..haiz..~~==
jun le..(san jie)..donno 3..haiz..~~she hen xiang couple wif giraffa(monyet)==..
they tak sama la..nt a good pairs..>me le..(xiao mui)..wif po wei..>only me de 1st or de 1 couple in 4 jiemui..><
nt sure..haiz..~~
kelian de ppl..she dn wn many ppl jui her..donno y..==
haiz..~~!! no mood..><